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Blackberries - Tantalizing the world one tastebud at a time... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Tantalizing the world one tastebud at a time...

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Blackberries [May. 19th, 2008|09:19 am]
Tantalizing the world one tastebud at a time...


Hi everyone, I was hoping that some of the members here could give me some ideas.

Every summer I start to crave Blackberry cobbler, my Mothers version, and I hadn't been able to replicate it. Last night I decided to try plain Bisquick (used the shortcake recipe) and dropped it dumpling style all over the berries. I did remember that instead of just covering the berries with sugar and letting them set, my mother would always simmer hers with a cup of sugar.

Which leads to my question. Whenever I do a cobbler I usually just spoon the fruit into my casserole dish, so that I get some of the liquid but not too much. Last night I just poured the blackberries from the sauce pan to the casserole. It was perfect last night with all the leftover liquid to spoon over vanilla ice cream but now of course it's mush. Any idea's on using the remaining liquid? I was thinking a vinaigrette or syrup but I don't have any recipes. Thanks!

[User Picture]From: silentauror
2009-03-06 04:19 pm (UTC)
Hey! I know this was a LONG time ago that you posted, and I don't really have any particularly good idea about what to do with your berry liquid (coming back to that in a sec!), but I was wondering if you would be willing to share the recipe for this cobbler? I adore blackberries and this sounds delish!

As for the juice, maybe could you turn it into syrup and use it for pancakes? I'm pretty sure that my grandmother used to make a blueberry syrup by just boiling the berries with sugar and corn starch, so maybe once you've taken out the berries, you could just whisk in corn starch (probably not more than a teaspoon or so) and add more sugar and see how it goes? I realize this is totally not a recipe that sounds at all reliable (and it isn't!), haha, but... um, yes. This is basically how I cook - it's all an experiment!

That said, I could probably google you a fruit syrup recipe or something, but wouldn't that spoil the surprise? :D
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